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Welcome to WeBWorK!


Site Information

Welcome to the UNL Mathematics Department online homework system.

Scheduled downtime

WebWork will be offline for maintenance 8:30am-10:30am CDT every Thursday (starting September 20).

Check that your email address is in WebWork

Without knowing your email address, instructors cannot reply to messages sent from Webwork. To check and, if needed, add your email address: after logging in, click on "User Settings" in the lefthand column and look at the section Change Email Address. If there is no address, enter it (double check that it is correct!) and click on "Change User Settings"

Here is some advice to help you make the most of your time completing online homework

  • Start early, when each set opens.
  • Do the example homework set, Web Homework 0. It will help you familiarize yourself with the homework system before working Web Homework 1.
  • Don't submit partial answers. You have six submissions per problem.
  • Work the problems out by hand. Print a hardcopy of an assignment and solve the problems before entering your solutions into the WeBWorK system.
  • Preview your answers before submitting them.
  • Use calculator syntax:
    • Carefully parenthesize. For example, (x^2 + 4)/x is not the same as x^2 + 4/x.
    • The square root is sqrt(x) or x^(1/2).
  • Watch your case: A capital X is different from x, and Pi is different from pi
  • Watch your precision. The system generally requires that numeric answers be correct to at least four or five significant figures. I.e., if the answer is 3.472322, then 3.5 may be marked incorrect, but 3.4723 accepted.

Students may seek help solving WeBWorK problems from their instructor, the MRC, classmates and even friends or tutors. However, students are cautioned to be certain that completing WeBWorK assignments is a learning experience whose goal is to understand the material at a level that will enable you to work similar problems on an exam.

If you believe your answer to a question is correct, but WeBWorK marked it as incorrect, show your instructor a copy of your solution. If the WeBWorK system does not give you appropriate credit, we certainly want to identify the problem and correct it. If you have made a subtle mistake, either mathematical or with respect to syntax and how the software "reads" what you entered, we want to help you understand the mistake so that you can eliminate or minimize such errors.